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Our range of self-propelled machines is available with a price reduction in the version without silage cutter. Many customers are interested in this type of unifeed wagons especially where in the feeding of cattle or sheep and goats are not used silage from trenches, but concentrates and fiber / dry hays. In this case, given the ...

New delivery Matrix rover Alpha 15mc

Here is our Matrix Rover Alpha 15 mc self-propelled mixer wagon, ideal for those with limited maneuvering space, ready to be delivered to Roverbella (MN). The machine has many accessories, including NEF 170 HP stage 4 engine, road homologation, rear hopper with auger for loading the products ...

we are

"Historicity, tradition,
technology and design.
100% made in Italy "

Matrix, Italmix and Gilioli: one group, 27 years of history.

Technology at the service of the evolution of mixer wagons, straw choppers, storage machines, biogas and compost mixers.

From the 1995 Italmix Group supports the breeders in the research and production of innovative solutions to optimize the cutting and mixing operations. Machines designed to make the activity even more effective, minimizing downtime, training and management costs, through an intelligent and functional use of technology.

The wide range of models available to each breeder allows you to choose the tools that best suit your needs among horizontal mixer wagons e vertical, fixed mixer wagons, screw mixer wagons, agricultural mixers e straw chopper.

Historicity, tradition, technology and design coexist in a reality born in Italy and established in Worldwide, thanks to mixer wagons, protagonists of an unparalleled growth in the last decade, designed to solve the needs of every type of company.

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