Machine for shredding and distributing dry and wet products for biddeng, bunk or manger.

The MATRIX JET POWER straw chopper is ideal for processing both dry and wet fibrous products (straw, corn stalks, hay, grass, etc.) packed both in round and prismatic bales by distributing on litter, in a bunk or a manger.
The product is loaded from the rear tailgate and conveyed inside the body to the cutter rollers equipped with knives that cut it and discharge it onto the fan of distribution which then blows it towards the rotating upper drain.
Acting on the speed of the cutter rollers (available as standard two speeds) and adjusting the advancement speed of the loading belt, it is possible to determine the cutting length, indicatively from 5 to 10 cm (depending on the type of product). The machine is also equipped as standard with a fork positioned in front of the cutter rollers that can be adjusted (by moving it closer or further away) for dosing the feed depending on the hardness of the product and the type of cut desired.
Acting the fan speed (standard two speeds with 270-540 rpm gearbox) and adjusting the hydraulic discharge deflector, the product can also be adjusted (from about 1 to 18 m).

The MATRIX JET POWER is available in the 180 and 280 version, for more information download the PDF brochure and do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Carving knife cutters inside the box at two speeds, suitable for cutting both dry and packaged wet silages (two cutters for models 180 and 280, three cutters with oversized knives for model 380
  • Two-speed gearbox 270 rpm – 540 rpm
  • Without hydraulic system, with distributor
  • Lower belt with reinforced chain at variable feed speed (for the 380 double belt model and two hydraulic motors)
  • 310 ° rotating top discharge with hydraulic deflector adjustment
  • Reinforced rear tailgate able to carry the bale directly
  • Cardan included
  • CE safety regulations excluded

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