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The Gilioli Mikj series vertical trailed mixing wagons (single vertical auger) and Mikj Dualvis (two vertical augers) are high-performance machines characterized by an essential standard set-up that allows the customer to use a machine without compromising on the quality of cutting and mixing so as to obtain an optimal unifeed ration, but simple in its standard equipment. This is because in many cases the unifeed carts of the most equipped series offer equipment that the farmer does not use with an unnecessary burden on the cost of purchasing the machine.

However, the Mikj and Mikj Dualvis series of cutter mixers can be equipped with all the accessories that can be used by the customer to adapt the machine to the specific needs of the breeder.

All the components and materials used (reducers, augers, tanks, etc.) are common to the most expensive series to ensure the same standards of reliability and quality of work for the breeder.

  • Mixing tank with inclined walls [MIKJ]
  • Mixing tank with straight walls [MIKJ DUALVIS]
  • N. 1 vertical auger without crosspiece equipped with boron steel blades
  • N. 2 vertical augers without crossbar equipped with boron steel knives [MIKJ DUALVIS]
  • Auger transmission with epicyclic reduction gear
  • Without subframe
  • An auger rotation speed
  • N. 2 counter-knives with manual insertion
  • Side discharge with slide on the right as standard (possibility to place the slide on the left without extra charge)
  • Height-adjustable drawbar
  • Without braking system
  • Superior counter-tone [only MIKJ]
  • Mechanical support foot
  • Single wheels
  • Single axle
  • Without hydraulic system
  • LC weighing system mod. Master 7 (7 recipes x 12 components) mounted on a rotating support
  • Inspection ladder
  • Cardan included
  • CE safety regulations excluded

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