Self-propelled mixer wagon with two horizontal counter-rotating augers with front cutter.

The machine has been designed for rapid shredding and mixing of all products to achieve a soft and homogeneous unifeed ration. The particularly sturdy frame makes it suitable for even long road trips and for working in difficult conditions and for many hours a day. The hydrostatic transmission of the augers takes place by means of a variable flow pump and a piston motor connected to the epicyclic reduction gear which allows great flexibility of use.

  • IVECO NEF Stage 3 diesel engine mounted behind the machine
  • Rear wheel drive with piston engines and variable displacement pump for maximum fluency gear
  • Translation speed 12 km / h, speed change on request for 24 km / h or 40 km / h
  • Front steering wheel with power steering
  • Leaf spring suspensions on the front axle
  • Front cabin on the left with heating and ventilation and provision for air conditioning mounted on anti-vibration supports, sprung seat, ergonomic controls with joystick integrated in the armrest of the driver’s seat and pedals, multi-function panel for machine control, display weighs, upper glass door opening
  • Lighting and work lights system
  • High performance 2 mm front cutter with variable displacement pump and orbital motor suitable for loading any product. The design and the position of the knives allow a rapid loading of the products respecting their organoleptic characteristics
  • Cutter arm of 600 mm of wide with rubber band and vulcanized crosspieces functioning independently of the milling drum and with the possibility of reversing the direction of rotation
  • Hydraulic protection for milling drum
  • Hydraulic and parking braking system
  • Tank of thickness with ST 52.3 steel bottom
  • Two converging horizontal counter-rotating augers equipped with knives and counter-knives
  • Augers transmission with variable displacement pump and high pressure piston engine
  • Unloading carpet L. 630 mm on the left
  • LC weighing system mod. RX 300 Graphic

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