Most bang for the buck

Matrix self-propelled mixer wagons of the series “Rover Alpha” and “Rover Jumbo Alpha” are technologically innovative machines with respectively one or two vertical augers designed to meet the needs of the most demanding farmers. Alpha series has been created for those small and medium sized farms which want to work with the comfort of a self-propelled mixer wagon but, until now, have considered the investment too costly. With Alpha series, the Italmix group has made of this market’s demand a reality.

The difficult aim of achieving an efficient and reliable machine with a reasonable cost, compatible with needs of small and medium-sized farms, has been reached with an accurate study of project optimisation, focused on providing a simple and functional Unifeed self-propelled wagon, standardising at the most production, equipment and accessories.

Performances, manageability and reliability are like usual a priority for Italmix company, therefore Alpha series is also equipped with the mechanical transmission of the augers by an oil bath multidisc clutch, and with the 2-speed gearbox Powershift for the augers, a wellknown, appreciated and awarded technical innovation, inherited from the series Rover Up. The hydrostatic system, carefully sized, is supplied by Bosch-Rex Roth to confirm a constructive quality without compromises.

  • New high performances milling cutter with 370 bars with variable delivery pump by Bosch.
  • Direct outlet with chute. practical, functional and no maintenance needed.
  • New design. Improved visibility for the operator and best accessibility for routine maintenance and cleaning of the machine.
  • Single-piece machine body reinforced with special steels to ensure solidity and sturdiness.
  • Speed gearbox powershift. Innovative and efficient, it enables to change the speed of the augers even under load for greater flexibility of use.
  • Maximum visibility for the operator, compactness and ease of manoeuvre.

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