The Italmix vertical trailed mixer wagons series Twister Top and Twister Twin are available in single and twin models.

This series of vertical towed unifeed wagons is characterized by a particularly complete standard set-up, they are equipped with counterframe, adjustable and rotatable rudder, standard bilateral unloading belt carried by the mixing tank to be able to weigh the unifeed perfectly even when unloading. , wide and safe ladder and inspection area.

The mechanical part includes gearboxes and large gearboxes that guarantee the possibility of processing particularly difficult products also using high-power tractors without reliability problems.

Italmix Twister Top and Twister Twin are mixers for the breeder that seeks perfect cutting and mixing with top-end equipment and maximum reliability!

  • Mixing tank with inclined walls [TWISTER TOP]
  • Mixing tank with straight walls [TWISTER TWIN]
  • 1 vertical auger without crosspiece equipped with boron steel blades [2 instead for TWISTER TWIN]
  • Auger transmission with epicyclic reduction gear
  • Mixing tank mounted on counterframe
  • Two-speed auger with 18 rpm and 34 rpm manual gearbox
  • 2 counter-knives with manual insertion
  • Front bilateral unloading belt with steel chain
  • Adjustable rudder
  • Without braking system
  • Upper counterbore [only for TWISTER TOP]
  • Mechanical support foot
  • Single wheels
  • Single axle
  • Remote controls with cable L. 3 m (2 standard functions)
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • LC weighing system mod. Master 7 (7 recipes x 12 components) mounted on a revolving support with stainless steel load cells
  • Independent ladder and inspection platform
  • Cardan included
  • CE safety regulations excluded

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