The Gilioli vertical trailed mixing wagons are produced in two versions: the Mikj series and the VS series, both available in single and two-row models.

The difference between the two series is in the set-up: essential for the Mikj series and equipped for the VS series. However, the main components (reducers, augers, tub, etc.) are the same so that you can always offer a reliable and functional mixer wagon, but giving you the opportunity to choose how much to invest.

  • Mixing tank with inclined walls [VS]
  • Mixing tank with straight (up to 24 mc) or inclined (over 24 mc) walls [DUALVIS]
  • N. 1 vertical auger without crosspiece equipped with boron steel blades [VS]
  • N. 2 vertical augers without crossbar equipped with boron steel knives [DUALVIS]
  • Auger transmission with epicyclic reduction gear
  • Mixing tank mounted on counterframe
  • Two-speed auger with 18 rpm and 34 rpm manual gearbox
  • N. 2 counter-knives with manual insertion
  • Front bilateral unloading belt with steel chain
  • Height-adjustable drawbar
  • Without braking system
  • Superior counter-tone [only VS]
  • Mechanical support foot
  • Single wheels
  • Single axle
  • Remote controls with cable L. 3 m (2 standard functions)
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • LC weighing system mod. Master 7 (7 recipes x 12 components) mounted on a revolving support with stainless steel load cells
  • Independent ladder and inspection platform
  • Cardan included
  • CE safety regulations excluded

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